Our company is committed to solving the problems we encounter through intelligent analysis and practical field-testing. This approach is research and development in its most effective form because it directly affects how well we perform as a business. Our obvious success is the proof that our way of doing business works.

A by-product of our culture of success is that the systems and procedures that we have developed are seen as the leading edge of best practice, and other tree experts all over the world want to know what we are doing. Although we did not set out with training and education in mind, the demand from others to learn about our approach has effectively forced that role upon us.

From as far back as the 1980s, we have always been at the forefront of tree management in a planning context with the development of the SULE method of assessing trees. In the 1990s, that evolved into the TreeAZ method, which we have pioneered with workshops in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (Download tree assessment workshop content page). Similarly, in 1998, we developed the first UK course on report writing for arboriculturists, and every year since, we have presented it on behalf of the AA (Download report writing workshop content page). It has subsequently evolved to become an integral part of the AA two-day workshop for aspiring consultants, launched in 2007. During the last two years, our approach to development site management has proved so innovative, that we have presented it to seven regional Tree Officer Groups because they want to see what we are doing. Our highest profile present project is the development of a new method of assessing the suitability of trees for statutory protection. It is currently being field-tested by a number of councils in preparation for its launch as Tree Assessment for Preservation, or TreeAP for short.

Our pedigree of over 20 years at the forefront of arboricultural best practice means we can craft anything from a quick half hour presentation to a full two-day workshop, tailored to suit your specific training needs, anywhere in the world.

The first AA two-day course for aspiring tree consultants in 2007, with our report writing workshop as the second day

Mark Wadey and Jeremy Barrell presenting a two-day workshop on tree assessment in Brisbane as part of a four-city Australian tour in 2006. Barrell Tree Consultancy developed and teaches the SULE and TreeAZ methods of assessing trees on development sites around the world

Dave Cashman (standing) and Jeremy Barrell presented the first development site tree management workshops in New Zealand in 2005

Dave Cashman and Phil Brophy addressing the Surrey Tree Officers Group in 2007. Barrell Tree Consultancy is developing a new method of assessing the suitability of trees for inclusion in TPOs, called TreeAP, to be launched in the near future

Jeremy Barrell presenting at the New Zealand Arboricultural Conference in Auckland in 2005

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