TPO / Conservation Areas

Trees that make a significant contribution to local character can be protected by tree preservation order or conservation area legislation. However, there has to be an acceptable balance between the benefit of the trees to the local community and any disbenefits that there might be to the people who have to live close to them.

Large trees close to people can disrupt their lives through causing excessive shade, outgrowing the space available and becoming a nuisance. The legislation allows owners to prune or remove trees that are causing intolerable inconvenience and interfering with the normal use of property. However, there is a formal application procedure, which can become complicated if there are multiple issues to explain. All our consultants are either ex-tree officers or ex-contractors and have the experience to present these issues in a way that will maximise your chances of getting the result you want.

There is a presumption for councils to retain protected trees until the owners can demonstrate that there is a good reason to remove them. Excessive shade that prevents the normal use of a property is a valid reason to apply for tree pruning or removal. However, it is often beneficial for homeowners to employ consultants to put the technical arguments to the council to ensure they are given a fair hearing.

Similarly, where protected trees are very close to buildings with the potential to cause damage or inconvenience, using experts to put the case for tree management to the council is an effective strategy.

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