Expert witness services

Appearing as an expert witness in a court case or a planning inquiry is the pinnacle of professional practice.

Arboriculture is an unusual mix of the practical and the academic, where hands-on experience makes all the difference to the calibre of advice that a consultant can offer. What makes Barrell Tree Consultancy such a formidable group of tree experts is their extensive practical background of climbing, pruning and managing trees, informed by a stunning array of professional qualifications. We are the only tree consultancy in the UK with four Chartered Foresters and three AA Registered Consultants in our ranks, which makes us a wise choice for your expert witness requirements.

Jeremy was an AA Approved Contractor for 10 years before becoming a Registered Consultant, a perfect background for both tree hazard and planning cases. In contrast, Mark Wadey, Dave Cashman and Andy Sherlock acquired their skills as council tree officers, which gives them a distinct edge in planning appeals. Check out who will best meet your needs from the CV links below:

Jeremy Barrell: As a Chartered Forester, Biologist and Surveyor, Jeremy is uniquely placed to advise at the highest level, and does so on a regular basis. With a string of high profile cases to his name, Jeremy is one of the most accomplished tree expert witnesses in the UK. Download CV.

Mark Wadey: As a Chartered Forester and AA Registered Consultant, Mark’s intimate knowledge of how council’s work from the inside gives him the edge needed to make the difference in marginal cases. Download CV.

Dave Cashman: As a Chartered Forester and AA Registered Consultant with extensive legal experience at New Forest District Council, Dave knows how to make the most of his strengths and exploit the opposition’s weaknesses. Download CV.

Andy Sherlock:As a chartered Forester and Environmentalist, Andy’s senior tree officer background means he knows the planning system inside out, making him an extremely valuable asset when there is a lot at stake. Download CV.

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