Development site consultancy

This page explains the development site consultancy options we offer, with illustrative case studies of our work.

Our approach to tree management in the planning process

Development in the modern planning system is complicated, and trees are just one of many obstacles to securing a planning consent. We understand how to progress tree issues quickly because we know what councils need and we have the expertise to package that information professionally to maximise the chances of success. This insight is based on our regular interactions with tree and planning officers, which can provide us with an edge when handling your projects. Indeed, most of our consultants are ex-tree officers, an inside perspective that can make all the difference on sensitive sites. From pre-application discussions to the final discharge of conditions, we minimise delay by delivering what councils want, when they want it, in a format that is easy for them to process. We know time is money, and understand that your success depends on our ability to deliver the right information to the right people, as quickly as possible.

We take great pride in coming up with practical and innovative solutions to the whole range of technical problems that can crop up on development sites. See the Case studies download tab at the top of the page to review six examples demonstrating some of the solutions we have brokered to help councils keep the good trees and developers maximise their returns.

In an average year, we deal with more than 500 development projects, so we have vast experience at resolving the range of issues that could, and do, arise. Our development services are intentionally flexible to cope with all possible scenarios, so a personally customised package is normal rather than the exception. For example, we have full CAD capability or can work with paper plans if you prefer. Our final package to address your problems will be tailored around the following options, depending on your specific circumstances:

Pre-design consultancy (Is development feasible in the context of trees?)

Design consultancy (Optimising the landscape potential of trees)

Post-design consultancy (Tree management during construction and the discharge of planning conditions)

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