Our Culture

From 25 years of consultancy experience, we know that success is based on delivering consistently high quality advice with a very short turnaround time, measured in days rather than weeks. These simple requirements have driven the evolution of a business culture that works. From reception to delivery, our products are a result of a team effort, where each person is highly motivated to provide an outstanding quality of service for our clients. Our culture of speed, efficiency and high standards is the backbone of our winning formula, and the effort of each individual is a big reason for our continued success.

Our People

Our achievements are based on a business structure that groups all the people involved in a project, rather than having separate departments for each discipline. Our first point of contact is reception, where all tasks are project managed and distributed down to each cluster of consultants, with their associated administration and CAD backup. We have three clusters, each of which has two consultants, serviced by a personal assistant and a CAD technican. Having all the people involved on a project in one place is a great way of fostering ownership of the work, which we think is an important aspect of why we are good at what we do. Our people know their projects intimately and it is this personal interest that makes the difference.